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Thalassemia and Transfusion Unit,Ippokrateion General Hospital,Athens

213 208.8000
114,Vassilisis Sofias. 115 27, Athens • GREECE
The Thalassemia and Transfusion Unit at Ippokrateion Hospital, Athens, Greece, is dedicated to provide services for persons with hemoglobinopathies, including Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and thalassemia who live in the greater metropolitan area of Athens along with near areas, but also to accept nation-wide referrals.Our unit serves more than 500 hemoglobinopathy patients every year, and provides comprehensive outpatient and inpatient care, including regularly scheduled outpatient visits, blood transfusion therapy, screening for hydroxyurea eligibility, genetic counseling, pain management, hospitalization for disease complications, education, wound care and social services.


Dr. Dimitrios Farmakis
Professor John Koskinas
Liver Clinic for Hemoglobinopathies


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