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Hopital Robert DEBRE

laboratoire d'Hematologie, Hopita;l R. Debre, 48 boulevard Serurier. 75935 Paris • FRANCE

Pediatric Hospital in the North east Part of Paris dedicated to the mothers and the children. All the pediatrics is represented including a Pediatrician Hematology service (Pr A. Baruchel) which takes care of all the malignancies in infants but also of a large number of infants with non malignant diseases including red cell (sickle cell center with more than 1000 patients, and other hemoglobinopathies, enzymopathies, red cell membrane disorders (HS, ellpitocytosis, HPP, SAO, stomatocytosis), aplastic anemia (Diamond-Blackfan anemia, Dyskeratosis, Fanconi) and congenital dyserythropoiesis) and platelets disorders. A strong link with our university, University Paris VII-Denis Diderot reinforces the strength of our hospital in the red cell field. We are working with Dr C. Beaumont and Pr B. Grandchamp group (U773 Bichat), with Dr Y. Colin and C. Van Kim (INTS), with Pr O. Hermine (Necker, Paris V-PRES Paris Cite Sorbonne) and we still have an important collaboration with Dr W. Vainchenker and Pr E. Solary (U1009, Villejuif). We are building with Prs J. Elion, C. Beaumont, B. Grandchamp, the Red Cell Centre in the north part of Paris. The support of the LABEX GR will reinforce us in our task.


Dr. Lydie Da Costa
MD, PhD, head manager hematology laboratory


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