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Fondazione G. Monasterio (FTGM) C.N.R.-Regione Toscana, Pisa, Italy.

The FTGM offers a “Comprehensive Care Center for patients with red blood cell defects”, constituted by different clinical Units thanks to n inter-hospital agreement has been forged between FTGM and Meyer to manage these patients from the pediatric stage to adulthood. The MRI Unit provides its long and attested expertise in non-invasive multi-organ (heart, liver, pancreas and pituitary gland) iron overload quantification. Moreover, the multi-parametric potential of the MRI is exploited (heart cardiac function and myocardial fibrosis). The Endocrinological Unit is fundamental for the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine complications, that are almost universal and represent the main cause of morbidity. The Imaging Unit provides expertise on bone densitometry scans, allowing to diagnose osteoporosis. The Biochemical Laboratory offers its services in clinical chemistry, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, and specialized biomarkers. The Cardiological Unit allows for the cardiologic monitoring and timely management of heart complications, still representing an important cause of mortality. The cardiologist forms a central figure in the team. Finally, an intensive care unit (ICU) provides intensive care medicine, that is the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions such as heart failure, heart infarction, stroke or pulmonary embolism. Meyer Hospital is renowned for its diagnosis, care and rehabilitation of young patients. The Hematology Unit supervises the provision of basic care to the patients. The hematologist provides prescriptions for chelation therapy, other necessary therapies, bone-marrow transplant, monitors growth and general health, monitors psychosocial well-being and organizes regular assessments and monitors locally available tests. The Transfusional Unit is responsible for regular or sporadic patient transfusions. Moreover, the Meyer is a highly specialized paediatric hospital, and is the national reference center for complex cases. It has 247 general beds, and all the areas of paediatric medicine and surgery are available. High assistance levels are reached through modern technology, research and new therapies mixed with humanity and services for young patients and their families. Specialized competencies for the evaluation and treatment of young patients are present: pediatric cardiology, pediatric surgery, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric immunology, pediatric genetics, pediatric pneumology, pediatric reumatology. All teams are well-coordinated, and there are frequent meetings and shared decision-making, with each specialization contributing its expert view on the clinical issues raised by individual cases.


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