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Hematology Center after prof. Yolyan MH RA

+374 10280000
Nersisyan str. 7. 0014 Yerevan • ARMENIA

The beginning of the development of hematology and blood service in Armenia is considered to be 1932. At this time a group of specialists from Moscow visited to Yerevan with the participation and proposal of A.A.Baghdasarov to promote donation and found blood service in Armenia. At the same time a committee of blood transfusion was formed and later in 1993 the committee became a branch of the Moscow Central Scientific-Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. Since 1939 the Armenian branch of the Moscow Institute was a Republican station of Blood transfusion. Meanwhile blood transfusion branches were opened in Leninakan (Gyumri) under the direction of S. Tovmasyan, and in Kirovakan (Vanadzor) under the direction of E. Aslanyan. On 17 March, 1947 on the basis of the blood transfusion a scientific-research center of Haematology and blood transfusion was established by the decision of the Council of Ministers station. Over the past years the Institute has become a scientific and clinical basis in the sphere of haematology and transfusiology, had an important role in the establishing and development of blood service in the republic. In 1993 the Institute was renamed “Haematology center after prof. R.H.Yeolyan”, Ministry of Health, Republic of Armenia.


Dr. Yervand Hakobyan


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