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University Children's Hospital Zurich

Steinwiesstrasse 75. 8032 Zurich • SWITZERLAND

The University Children’s Hospital Zurich offers a large team of highly qualified, experienced specialists with an infrastructure that makes it possible to cover the entire range of diseases within the field of paediatrics. Our interdisciplinary collaboration with various specialist centres is regarded as one of our assets. Diagnostic as well as treatment in the division of Hematology is specialised on sickle cell disease and thalassemia, spherocytosis and other membranopathies, Blackfan-Diamond anemia. Research in the division of Hemotology of the University Children's Hospital spans from clinical research to basic science. We are interested in thrombosis, platelet function, molecular biology of erythropoiesis, especially regulation of foetal haemoglobin.


Dr. Oliver Speer
Head Erythrocyte Lab Children's Hospital Zurich


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