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Professor Jenny GOUDEMAND

Professor in Haematology/Consultant

rue M Polonovski 59037 LILLE • France

JG was particularly interested in von Willebrand disease which constituted her favorite research topic. JG was able to forge collaborations with the French teams working in the same field (Inserm Unit Pr D Meyer and C Denis) and joined for the last 3 years the group of Prof. Bart Staels (Inserm U1011 Unit, Institut Pasteur de Lille).Several studies are presently conducted within the team on the acquired abnormalities of von Willebrand factor associated with cardio vascular disease. JG took in 2000 the leadership of the comprehensive hemophilia care center of North of France. About 2000 patients are registered in the centre including 800 patients with haemophilia, 1000 with various forms of VWD and 200 with more rare disorders. The center was certified in France as the 2d national reference center for Willebrand disease and as one of the six constitutive sites of national reference center for hemophilia.

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