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professor of pediatrics, pediatric hematology unit,children's hospital,faculty of medicine,Ain Shams university,Cairo,Egypt

Pediatric Hematology Unit,Children's Hospital,Faculty of Medicine,Ain Shams University
Abbassya,Cairo,Egypt Abbassya Cairo • Egypt

I am professor of Pediatrics , working in Pediatric hematology unit in the children's hospital faculty of medicine ain shams university since 1986 till the present time , it is the second largest center of pediatric hematology in Cairo , started in 1974. Patients treated include hereditary anemias mainly thalassemia, SCD, G6PD deficiency as well as rare anemias including rare enzymopathies, spherocytosis, pure red cell aplasia ,fanconi anemia, and inherited microcytic anemias as well as others; also the center is treating acquired anemias including aplastic,nutritional and immune hemolytic anemias.The center is also treating inherited and acquired bleeding disorders and leucocytes and macrophage disorders.

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