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Dr. Lydie Da Costa

MD, PhD, head manager hematology laboratory

Hopital Robert DEBRE
laboratoire d'Hematologie, Hopita;l R. Debre, 48 boulevard Serurier 75935 Paris • France

Working in the Red cell field since 1998 and the MD degree in Gil Tchernia's lab, Bicetre, with Dr Therese Cynober and Jean Delaunay. MD degree comparing the red cell and reticulocyte indices, calculating the red cell surface area in hereditary spherocytosis and AIHA. Expertise in red cell membrane (HS, elliptocytosis, and HPP, stomatocytosis, SAO) and the use of the Ektacytometer.

PhD in Mohandas Narla's laboratory, deciphering the mechanistic understanding of the Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA), a congenital erythroblastopenia, considered as the first ribosomopathy. Cytology, molecular biology (8 Ribosomal genes screened, DNA bank), patients registry). Working with Dr T. Leblanc (Pr A. Baruchel, pediatric onco-hematology service, R. Debre hospital, Paris) who takes care of the DBA patients in R. Debre hospital. Care from the patients, to the biology, to the translational research and fondamental research (INSERM), with a research work from 1999 and the discovery of the first gene involved RPS19 (more than 20 articles). Meritt Award in 2010 from the Diamond-Blackfan anemia Maria Arturi and DBA foundation for ten year committed work in DBA. American Society and French Society of Hematology price to a PhD student from my group in 2010.

Congenital dyserythropoiesis: patient registry, mutation screening analysis of CDANI for the CDAI and Sec23B for the CDAII, collaborating research work with Dr H. Tamary, Israel, Dr A. Iolascon, Italy, Dr H. Heimpel, Germany.

Head manager of the hematology lab in Robert Debre hospital, Paris 19eme since 2009 with an important part dedicated to the red cell:

LABEX GRex (Pr O. Hermine) in 2012 which is a big group of the most involved people and groups in the red cell field in France, in order to promote the red cells in any fields from the diagnosis, the translational research, fundamental research, epidemiology, formation and to reinforce the link with the industries.

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