Diagnosis Flowchart

Anaemia Diagnosis

The flowchart provided here intends to be guidance for a first diagnostic approach for rare congenital anaemias in adults. The ENERCA team doesn’t lay any claim to its completeness. Some haematological parameters should be introduced before the flowchart can start. The normal reference values for haematological parameters have been partially obtained from Dacie and Lewis’ PRACTICAL HAEMATOLOGY, 10th Edition 2006, edited by S.M. Lewis, B.J. Bain and I. Bates and are given as follows:

Haemoglobin: Woman: 120-150 g/L
Man: 130-170 g/L
Reticulocytes: Woman/Man: 50-100 x 109/L
Mean cell volume: Woman/Man: 80-100 fL (83-101 fL in Dacie and Lewis’ Practical Haematology)

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