Why e-Learning?

  • In the field of haematology education, courses and professional training activities focused on rare anaemias are scarce. This contributes to the low implementation of good practice guidelines in the field, leading to a variable and sometimes unequal management of the patients between countries.
  • The e-Learning platform developed by ENERCA is a useful tool for initial and continuing medical education in the field of rare anaemias, offering a complete panel of training tools to the registered participants and contributing to lowering inequalities in knowledge accessibility throughout Europe.


for continuing medical education

Our Objectives

  • To facilitate the harmonization of the haematology and paediatric (haematology) specialities curricula throughout the EU - European haematology curriculum/passport
  • To improve continuing medical education on rare and congenital anaemias among European health professionals whatever their country of practice.
  • To promote the diffusion and implementation of existing guidelines in the diagnosis and clinical management of rare anaemias, as well as ENERCA recommendations in the field.
  • To create an on-line training platform on rare anaemias containing different modules focused on each group of disorders leading to rare anaemias, complementing the on-site training courses organized by ENERCA.

Your benefits

  • Increase your professional skills by learning the state of the art knowledge on rare anaemias provided through the participation of experts in the field.
  • Promote your professional profile by fulfilling the requirements established in the European haematology curriculum/passport
  • Discover the different modules we have created for you: haemoglobin disorders, red cell membrane defects, red cell enzymopathies and very rare red blood cell disorders.
  • Find all the self-training activities, including clinical/biological case discussion and self-assessment to check the acquired knowledge.

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