The ENERCA White Book - Recommendations for Centres of Expertise in Rare Anaemias

The ENERCA White Book is a position paper, developed as a deliverable of the ENERCA 3 project that intends to contribute to the creation of a European Reference Network in Rare Anaemias (ERN-RA) by preparation of the recommendations and, in particular, the definition of the criteria that Centres of Expertise (CoE), local centres (LC) and their interrelations have to fulfil as healthcare providers. It has been nourished by all the activities that have been performed over the past ten years within the ENERCA framework.

The White Book is addressed to authorities in charge of the identifying CoE, as an essential requirement for the official recognition of the ERN, to European and national health authorities, Healthcare centres and health professionals, as well as to all other stakeholders interested in RA. It is also addressed to the patients, as a way to empower their community in this process.

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