e-MEDICINimage a continuous training initiative for Laboratory Medicine professionals

e-HEMATimage is a specific program devoted to Continuing Education in Hematology

August 11, 2014

e-MEDICINimage is a continuous training initiative for Laboratory Medicine professionals. It is promoted by the FCBM Association (Formation Continue en Biologie et Médecine) and co-funded by the European Commission. One of its Programs, “e-HEMATimage”, is devoted to Continuing Education in Hematology. Available in 9 languages (in alphabetical order: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish), it produces 10 teaching dossiers per year (from real patients).

The final objective of the initiative is Improving the knowledge and expertise in the fields of Haematology, Medical Mycology and Parasitology, for all biomedical laboratories, whatever their infra-structure and technical systems in place. It is designed for all professionals (doctors, scientists, technicians) involved in carrying out and analysing the basic haematological, mycological or parasitological tests that enable an initial diagnosis to be made.

As a collaborating partner of the project, ENERCA encourages you to visit e-MEDICINimage and find new information sources.

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