A new brochure to explain ENERCA to the world

The document details the organization, activities and objectives of the ENERCA Network

August 19, 2014

ENERCA (European Network for Rare and Congenital Anaemias) is a European Commission co-funded project launched in 2002 with the purpose of offering improved public health services in rare anaemias to both professional medical practitioners and patients, independently of their country of practice or origin. What does it mean? Learn a lot more about the organization, the activities and the objectives of the Network with the new brochure.

e-ENERCA, the fourth phase of the ENERCA network led by IDIBAPS from Barcelona, brings together the efforts of 26 partners, all acknowledged experts in their respective field of rare anaemias, from 11 European countries. The strategic importance of e-ENERCA lies in promoting the participation of European health professionals, patients, health authorities and other stakeholders in the improvement of health services geared towards better performance in tackling rare anaemias.

This will be achieved through the design, validation and implementation of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). In addition to all the details already published in the ENERCA website, now you can learn more about e-ENERCA through a detailed brochure with updated information and an appealing design. We wish you like it and share it.

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