TIF honoured the International Thalassaemia Day

This year’s theme was: “Economic Recession: Observe – Join forces – Safeguard Health”

May 18, 2014

Every year for the International Thalassaemia Day, on the 8th of May, Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) honours this day through different activities. All of them aim to promote awareness and education around the world in 117 member associations of TIF in 56 countries. This year’s theme was: ‘'Economic Recession: Observe – Join Forces – Safeguard Health'.

The theme highlights the need to support policy decisions that reduce health inequalities, with particular focus on countries affected by the global financial and economic crisis. The global financial crisis has already had wide-reaching social, economic, and political impact, with some of its most devastating consequences affecting the quality of health care.

Patients need the lifelong support of nations, health authorities and their commitment for good quality services. The work of organisations for patients with chronic diseases such as thalassaemia, with enormous medical, social, economic and certainly public health repercussions, becomes nowadays all the more important and challenging.

With the International Thalassaemia Day celebrations, TIF highlights all the work undergone by different stakeholders in the fight against thalassemia. At the same time, it underlines the weaknesses and challenges pending to solve. ENERCA invites you to visit the TIF webpage and to watch the following videos to learn more about their work:


7 facts about thalassaemia



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