ENERCA participates in a Workshop on European Reference Networks

ENERCA was selected as an example of network to share its current tools and experiences

April 2, 2014

The main goal for the European Reference Network model is improving the quality of healthcare for patients suffering of complex and low prevalence conditions and diseases. This model was debated in Brussels on March 25 2014, during a Workshop on European Reference Networks: IT tools and networking elements

The coordinator of ENERCA, Prof. Joan Lluís Vives Corrons, was invited to explain the organization model designed for the fourth phase of the project, e-ENERCA. After over 10 years of experience ENERCA is now developing e-health, e-learning and e-registry tools devoted to rare anaemias which match perfectly with the ERN objectives.

The exchange of expertise trough the network and across the EU is a real challenge for the success of this initiative. Networking activities and availability of specific network tools -including many possible alternatives of IT solutions- are therefore the basis for the European Reference Network model. 

ENERCA was selected, together with the European Networks of Centres of Expertise for CF -LAM - LTX and EXPO-r-NeT & ENCA, as an example of network to share its current tools and experiences. The workshop was a debate forum to identify the key networking elements and tools of the future European Reference Networks, paying special attention to IT tools and solutions for communication and exchange of information within the network.

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