Horizon 2020 is here to stay

The Work Programme "Health, demographic change and wellbeing" includes funding for European Reference Networks

December 20 2013

Horizon 2020

Recently the European Commission launched the new Programme that will regulate the European research for the next years: Horizon 2020. Rare diseases remain a major challenge, affecting approximately 30 million people across Europe. For this reason the Horizon 2020, presented a few days ago, aims to address the needs of specific population groups, including those suffering from rare diseases, and ensure access to effective and competent health and care systems. One of the main Work Programmes were rare diseases will find funding opportunities is Health, demographic change and wellbeing.

One specific section within this Work Programme (HCO 3 – 2015) is entitled Support for the European Reference Networks: Efficient network modelling and validation. ENERCA is pioneering experience in the creation of a Network of Centres of Expertise to collaborate, coordinate and share their knowledge across borders. According to the Programme definition, “this collaboration is essential to ensure efficiency of health systems and access to high quality health care, especially for patients who suffer from conditions that require a particular concentration of resources or expertise, such as rare diseases, highly expensive treatments or where the number of professionals in a certain field is low”.

The Horizon 2020 is a new chance to create an environment to fight rare diseases more efficiently. ENERCA, with a new project called e-ENERCA funded for the next three years, will keep exploring the opportunities offered by communication technologies to facilitate cooperation, learning and a better knowledge of rare anaemias. It is a common goal shared by other projects and entities with which ENERCA will keep a close contact. All this knowledge shall benefit future projects in the fight against rare diseases.

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