Improved version of Clinical Consultations Tool now available

June 29th 2012

It is good to see that many of you have already collaborated with the Clinical Consultations Tool at the ENERCA Intranet. It provides a way to share information with your colleagues at ENERCA in order to achieve a better diagnostic. After receiving some comments and suggestions, the new version of the tool allows you to save the Clinical Cases and the comments before publishing them. It also offers an improved visualization of the data.

Maybe you have already noticed a new button at the upper right part of the Clinical Consultations Tool: “My Clinical Consultations”. It is just above the “Add new Clinical Consultation” button. “My Clinical Consultations” will open a list of the clinical consultations you have published, including the drafts you did not publish yet. To save as a draft a consultation you are editing you will find a “Save draft” button at the end of the “Add new Clinical Consultation” form.

Please remember you can call your ENERCA colleagues to cooperate by selecting “Yes” at the “Ask for collaboration to:” checkbox at the end of the “Add new Clinical Consultation” form. A list of contacts will open son that you can choose who to notice by mail that your new clinical consultation is available and waiting for suggestions. Obviously this information will only be available to the ENERCA partners through the Intranet.

Comments management has been improved too in order to facilitate your cooperation. In the first place, now comments will appear at the end of the clinical consultation text you are working on, instead of opening a new page as happened previously.  It will allow you to go back to the clinical case information without having to open it again. On the other hand you will find a “Save draft” button at the end of the “Comment” form. Now you can save the answer you are working on and it will appear as you saved it when you enter again the clinical consultation you were answering.

Your comments and suggestions will only be available to the rest of the ENERCA partners once you click the “Publish” button. Thank you for your attention. We encourage you to use the Clinical Consultations Tool to offer a better service to your patients.

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