ERN-EuroBloodNet 1st annual report is already available

All the activites and results achieved during first year of ERN-EuroBloodNet implementation are gathered in its first annual report.

April 30, 2018

The first year of the implementation of a network is cornerstone for the consolidation of the pillars of the complex structure in which relies the whole project. ERN-EuroBloodNet first period of implementation has recently ended with the provision of the valuable results for setting the next steps while providing the solid structure on which will relay the future actions of the network.

The first annual report has been submitted to the EC including all the activities performed and results achieved during the first year of implementation of ERN-EuroBloodNet. Annual technical report and Deliverables submitted are available at the ERN-EuroBloodNet website and at the ERN Collaborative Platform

  • EuroBloodNet 1st Annual report
  • Deliverable 2 Annual report on dissemination activities
  • Deliverable 3 Report on ERN-EuroBloodNet members activity/facilities for RHD health provision
  • Deliverable 4 Protocol for creation of the repository of reliable guidelines
  • Deliverable 5 Report on actions foreseen by educational bodies (EHA and ESH) to address GAPS identified in annual educational programme
  • Deliverable 6 Report on legal issues on inter-professional consultation of complex cases
  • Deliverable 7 Report on existing registries for RHD

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