ThalCare tool for the management of patients with thalassaemia

The tool assists medical and nursing teams enabling the centers to collaborate with multidisciplinary experts on-line

April 20, 2016

ThalCare is a web tool to facilitate the critical care and chronic management for thalassaemia patients in order to improve the quality of life of people suffering from these blood disorders and assist medical and nursing teams, enabling the centers to collaborate with multidisciplinary experts on-line.

The tool provides information and treatment assistance by tracking transfusions, chelation, vaccination and other key related issues. Moreover, ThalCare enables prevention of the disorder by cascade screening methodology and assesses the risk category for transplants that the child belongs to indicating suitability for bone marrow transplant.

ThalSense is an intelligence engine for the generation of alerts, suggestions and indications that serves for the management of the patients. Since this tool gathers data, generates reports and indicators on the progress of each patient and of the centres as a whole, ThalSense also serves as guidelines for local doctors.

On the other hand, ThalCare patient’s mobile app assures the empowerment of patients by enabling the access to medical records, scheduling medical visits, seeking help when emergency and having contact with other affected patients.

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