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April 8, 2016


The ENERCA e-Learning platform is a useful tool for initial and continuing medical education in the field of rare anaemias, offering a complete panel of training tools to the registered participants and contributing to lowering inequalities in knowledge accessibility throughout Europe.

The e-Learning platform, led by the Hospital Universitaire de Montpellier and coordinated by Patricia Aguilar-Martínez, will include several different activities on red cell disorders, including:

  • Courses split onto different modules:
    • Module 1: haemoglobin disorders
    • Module 2: red cell membrane diseases
    • Module 3 : red cell enzymopathies
    • Module 4 : other very rare red cell disorders, including rare anaemias linked to iron disorders.
  • Recommendations: ENERCA recommendations and other European or national guidelines wherever available.
  • Self-training activities, including clinical/biological cases.
  • Self-assessment questions for each session to allow self-validation of the acquired knowledge allowing completing and closing the training session.

Module 1 on haemoglobin disorders is already available through ENERCA website! Other modules and functions will be available soon!

To participate you only have to freely register. Join, enjoy and learn with us!

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