6th European symposium on Rare Anaemias: Presentations are already available!

Read the presentations and the summaries of the lectures given during the Symposium

December 21, 2015

The 6th European Symposium on Rare Anaemias joined in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) almost 200 attendants, including patients and experts. Now you can access most of the presentations through the ENERCA website.

The event was held in November 21st – 22nd, with the objective to expand knowledge and increase public awareness of the importance of rare anemias.

This year, transversal topics centered on common medical problems of patients with sickle cell, thalassaemia and other forms of haemolytic anaemia were one of the key points of the symposium. These plenary sessions dealt with multiple converging lectures as well as with the state of the art therapy treatments and innovations in the field. The second undeniable cornerstone for this symposium was the special focus on the very rare anaemias, dealing intensively with PKD and PNH prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management.

Furthermore, interactive sessions between patients and a total of 26 speakers from all over the world developed a perfect atmosphere for brainstorming and sharing doubts among the attendants.

Patients are always at the heart of ENERCA policies and the Symposium organizers, and that is the reason why the 1st Dutch-Belgian meeting for patients was also celebrated during the 6th Symposium.

You can view most of the presentations in the Training section of the ENERCA website.

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