Enzyme Geocode: New section on the ENERCA Website!

European Epidemiological Geocode for prevalence of red blood cell enzyme deficiencies.

October 27, 2015

Enzyme Geocode is the new section available on the ENERCA website which aims to achieve the registration of hereditary hemolytic anemia caused by enzyme defects.This database was built in order to create a European wide Geocode, that can give insight in the prevalence of this type of rare anemia, but also in time to diagnosis and life expectancy.

The activity developed under WP4-eRegistry, contains a short questionnaire to be fulfilled by the health professionals about individual patients under care who are diagnosed with hereditary haemolytic anaemia. The survey includes some basic patient and diagnosis data and is already available in the ENERCA website under Activities section: Enzyme Geocode.

We invite you to participate!

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