4rd UMC Utrecht Red Blood Cell Seminar

April 5th 2012

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Organized by:

UMC Utrecht Red Blood Cell Center:

Marc B. Bierings, MD, PhD

Albert Huisman, PhD

Roger E.G. Schutgens, MD, PhD

Richard van Wijk, PhD


University Medical Center Utrecht

The 4rd edition of the UMC Utrecht Red Blood Cell Seminar will focus on the use of high-throughput techniques such as proteomics and exome sequencing in both research and diagnosis of rare causes of (hereditary) hemolytic anemia.

We will also adress the rare and exceptional disorders of ribosome biogenesis causing bone marrow failure in both children and adults, with emphasis on Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) and the 5q- MDS syndrome.

Finally, novel developments related to the (pathophysiological) role of red blood cell microvesicles will be discussed.

All talks will be in English.

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