Hemochromatosis: what's important and new in 2020?

Translational Research ConferenceIACH Webinar Series

Wed, Jun 10, 2020

Paris, France

Chairs: Prof. Pierre BRISSOT

Schedule: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM CEST

Pierre BRISSOT is Professor Emeritus of Medicine and full member of the French National Academy of Medicine. He was head of the Liver Diseases Department and of the Inseam research group "Iron and Liver" at the Rennes University Hospital. He was a visiting professor at the Universities of San Francisco and San Diego, and at Harvard Medical School (Boston).

His work is essentially devoted to iron-related diseases, and particularly to hemochromatosis. He has founded (or co-founded) several national and international associations of patients with hemochromatosis. He is a past president of the French Association for the Study of the Liver and of the International BioIron Society.

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