Assessment of a European Expert Network (EXN) on COMMUNICABLE RARE DISEASES and other RARE DISORDERS in the context of EUROPEAN MOBILITY AND GLOBALISATION


April 8th – 9th, 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Organized by:

Ana Requena-Méndez


Av. Francesc Ferrer iGuàrdia, 6-8, Caixa Forum Centre of Barcelona, Spain

Tel. + 34 93 476 86 00

The purpose of the workshop is to assess the feasibility of establishing a European expert network for rare communicable diseases and other rare pathologies linked to mobility and globalisation and to evaluate the options for the creation of such expert network.

Workshop sessions have been organised in a participatory way, promoting the exchange of experiences, views and feedback from all the participants with the aim of reaching agreement on the feasibility of the network.

It is expected to:

1.       Identify the areas on rare pathologies in the context of mobility and globalisation where establishing a European expert network could be an added value

2.       To evaluate the feasibility of an EU expert network in those areas

3.       In case identified diseases are in the scope of an existing ERN, propose cross-linking mechanisms.

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