ESH - GR-EX 2nd International Symposium on Red Blood Cells: Genesis and Pathophysiology

April 18-20, 2018

Paris, France

Organized by:

 ESH (European School of Haematology)


Marriott Rive Gauche, Paris, France

The course has two major learning objectives, one related to improving our understanding of the red blood cell as a key player in human physiology, the other to developing high quality research projects on red cells.
The course is designed to cover the three stages of the red cell life: differentiation, circulation and senescence, both in health and disease. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms that control red blood cell differentiation
  • Physiology and metabolism of the mature red blood cell
  • Genetic and infectious diseases affecting red cell functions
  • Transfusion, blood banking and storage lesions
  • Emergent therapies in red cell disorders

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