International Conference on Aging and Hematological Malignancies: Biology and Therapy

March 11-13, 2016

Athens, Greece

Organized by:

European School of Haematology


Athens Ledra Hotel
Syngrou Avenue 115,
Athens 117 45

The goals of this conference are :

  • To define ageing in biological terms, to address its consequences on the bone marrow, lymphoid tissue and on hemostasis, and to discuss resulting disorders.
  • To analyse tools of geriatric assessment used to help in treatment decisions in elderly people
  • To describe specificities of major hematological malignancies and their treatment aspects in the elderly
  • To analyze a frequent situation in the elderly, ie anemia


Learning objectives:

  1. To gain knowledge in the changes occurring in the of bone marrow, lymphoid tissue and hemostasis with ageing
  2. To be able to use various geriatric assessment for the management of blood disorders in the elderly, particularly haematological malignancies
  3. to recognize specificities of hematological malignancies in the elderly
  4. Most importantly to be able to adapt therapeutic approaches to age
  5. To be capable of analysing anemia, a frequent situation in MDS

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