The Human Genetics Society of Australasia 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting

August 8-11, 2015

Perth, Australia

Organized by:

Organized by Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA)



Perth Convention Exhibition Centre.

Perth, Western Australia.

This will be an exciting meeting with an excellent scientific programme and high profile speakers and associated events. The themes are Rare Diseases and Indigenous Genetics. These domains are key enablers for the delivery of genomic healthcare and for research. These themes are also united by overlaps in terms of the understanding and appropriate use of language. The genetic “language” that is important for rare diseases includes our DNA; this language differs around the globe. Further, developing the appropriate language to communicate with Indigenous communities for their genetic and genomic health care is crucial for equitable healthcare. Cross-cutting topics will include people and policy; diagnostics; platforms and registries; ethics, education and community engagement.

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