The 6th International Workshop on Genomic Epidemiology

May 14-16, 2015

London, UK

Organized by:

Organized by Bill Cookson (Imperial College London, UK), Mark Lathrop (McGill University, Canada), Dan Weeks (University of Pittsburgh, USA) and Ivo Gut (CNAG, Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico, Spain)


The Royal Society of Medicine Building

1 Wimpole Street
London, United Kingdom

This will be the 6th edition of a series of workshops that are held every two years. The aim is to introduce researchers to the advances that underpin large-scale genomic studies of diseases and other life sciences areas, particularly in the context of on-going research funded by the EU.

Rapid decrease of the cost of whole-genome sequencing has important consequences in both research and health-care. Speakers at the workshop will discuss progress in sequencing and with other technologies for biomolecular analysis, and their applications in research and clinical settings. Solutions will be presented for the accumulation, handling and interpretation of huge data sets, including the identification of rare and common genetic variants associated with disease, functional evaluation of genetic variation, understanding of gene networks and epigenomic phenomena in health and disease, pharmacogenomics, gene-gene and gene-environment interactions. Examples of the application of these technologies for epidemiological scale studies in different disease areas will be presented.

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