16th International Haemovigilance Seminar

5 – 7 March, 2014

Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

Organized by:

International Haemovigilance Network (IHN), Spanish Society of Blood Transfusion (SETS), the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Health, Department and the Blood Transfusion Centre in Catalonia, International Society of of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)

Auditorio Axa (Av. Diagonal, 547; Barcelona)

The Congress will cover all the aspects related to Haemovigilance in the context of blood donation and blood donors, blood processing, and blood transfusion and optimal blood use. It is especially determined to tackle new subjects, and topics that have received little treatment in the past, such as vigilance of chronically transfused patients, transfusion reactions and errors in children, the role of patients and clinicians in safe blood transfusion, the way in which manufacturers could improve their contribution to Haemovigilance, controversies and complications in apheresis and in peripheral blood stem cell donation procedures, and the ethical aspects of Haemovigilance.

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