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The European Reference Network in Rare Hematological Diseases was officially approved and started its activities last March 2017. Coordinated by Prof. Fenaux (Paris) and co-coordinated by Prof. Gulbis (Brussels), EuroBloodNet brings together 66 highly specialized Centers of Expertise in 15 Member States with expertise on oncological and non-oncological diseases.
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Find here the ENERCA legal analysis and recommendations for Centers of Expertise


  • State of Health in the EU

    November 27, 2017

    28 Country Health Profiles have been published by the Commission that provide a depth analysis of EU Member States' health systems by analysing health of the population, important risk factors and show the effectiveness, accessibility and resilience of health systems in each EU member state. The reports reflect shared objectives across the member states, and reveal potential areas where the Commission can encourage mutual learning and exchange of good practices.

  • ERN-EuroBloodNet 1st Board of the Network meeting!

    November 20, 2017

    ERN-EuroBloodNet 1st Board of the Network meeting was successfully held last November 10th in Paris with more than 70 attendants.
    This meeting has been crucial for explaining ERN-EuroBloodNet members what has been done since the official approval of ERNs last March and how they will be involved in the coming tasks.




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